martes, 12 de julio de 2011

Adding extra styles files to an existing theme

The question raised when creating a new module: how can I add the styles files of my module to the pop theme?

This guide shows how to add the installation task and how to bootstrap the content, but if you don't want to code anything, at the end of the blog there is an explanation on how to do it directly on the author instance:

Step 1, Create the new styles file i.e. myextrastyles.css

Step 2, Put the file in the module resources folder following STK theme structure, src/main/resources and the path shown in the following screenshoot:

Step 3, Add an installation task on your module versionhandler.

protected List getExtraInstallTasks(InstallContext installContext) {
final List installTasks = new ArrayList();
installTasks.add(new InstallResourcesTask("/templating-kit/themes/pop/css/mystyles.css", 
   "processedCss", STKResourceModel.class.getName()));

Step 4, Update the theme configuration. In order for the theme to find the new style file, the file has to be configured in the theme configuration.

Step 5, Export the configuration of our file shown in Step 4. Once exported you can place the file (config.modules.standard-templating-kit.config.themes.pop.cssFiles.myextrastyles.xml)
in the bootstrap folder of your module.

NOTE: All this can be achieved without any code, you just need to set the file in the theme configuration (Step 4) and upload this new styles file into the resources workspace.